Saint Mary, Antigua and Barbuda.- The prime minister of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Ralph Gonsalves, urged U.S. President Donald Trump today to abandon the anachronistic economic blockade of Cuba, a demand that will be repeated here by the Caribbean countries.

Prior to the opening of the 6th Summit of the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) and Cuba on Friday, Gonsalves told Prensa Latina that the meeting will convey ‘a clear and unanimous message’.

‘The message is that he must give up that anachronism that is rejected by the Cuban and U.S. peoples, it is a remnant of the Cold War and will not change Cuba’s policy towards the Caribbean,’ he noted.

‘It is time to stop obeying the stance of the most irrational elements of imperialism, of Florida politicians,’ he underlined in allusion to the anti-Cuba mafia with which the Republican tycoon has aligned.

‘I expect that we will have a very practical and very good meeting, first of all to review the geopolitical situation in this region and in the world,’ said Gonsalves in exclusive statements to Prensa Latina.

After recalling that he is the only Caribbean president who has attended all six CARICOM summits since 2002, he noted that today’s debates will also promote functional cooperation in the fields of trade, the preparation for natural disasters, education, health care and professional training.

For his part, the prime minister of Antigua and Barbuda, Gaston Brown, said that he was confident that the meeting among the heads of State and Government of all 14 CARICOM member countries and Cuba will result in a commitment to ‘further promoting bilateral and multilateral relations’.

‘We are honored to foster solidarity with Cuba, a countries that is also Caribbean and with which we have common issues and challenges, the understanding of solidarity among one another,’ he told Prensa Latina at the Carlisle Bay Resort Hotel.

Brown noted that ‘Cuba played a key role in the education of Caribbean and Latin American people and I am sure that we will discuss those and other major issues to boost development among our community as well.’

According to Brown, who welcomed President Raul Castro, the first visit by the Cuban statesman to this island has ‘a great meaning, it is historic and we are honored and very grateful’, because it also shows the high level of bilateral understanding, he said.

‘The president came personally, that says a lot of the humbleness of Raul Castro, who is a well-renowned global leader, and it also says a lot about the future of integration among us,’ noted Brown, who added that he was ‘absolutely charmed’ by the presence of the Cuban head of State in Saint Mary.

He predicted that it will be ‘an excellent summit that will deal with strategies to move forward in matters that affect the Caribbean peoples.’