Health quarantine decreed in Pinar del Rio community

Pinar del Rio authorities establish quarantine in Covid-19-affected community.

PINAR DEL RIO, Cuba. – Because of the contagion with the new coronavirus of several people in Camilo Cienfuegos community, at Consolacion del Sur municipality, the Defense Council and the Ministry of Public Health decreed the quarantine for the area.

In addition to medical care, active research and food delivery, authorities maintain in the community vital services to their inhabitants, accordingly in such cases.

On Tuesday, the Defense Council was held in Pinar del Rio led by its President, Julio Cesar Rodriguez, and Vice-President Ruben Ramos, who emphasized the 40-day isolation of Camilo Cienfuegos community.

Due to the spread of coronavirus in the territory, and as part of the measures to eradicate the pandemic in Consolacion del Sur, it was established that people should not go out during the quarantine.