Santiago de Cuba, Cuba.- With the laying of floral offerings to the martyrs of the armed uprising of November 30 in Santiago de Cuba, the ceremony for the 65th anniversary of the historic deed began in the eastern city.

Residents of the eastern Cuban city evoked the actions of the youths who launched themselves against the Batista dictatorship in support of the landing of the Granma yacht.

Local authorities and participants of the historic event were on hand. The commemorative ceremony was held in front of the Museum of the Clandestine Struggle, a former Batista police station.

Participants paid special tribute to Tony Alomá, Pepito Tey, and Otto Parellada, the heroes fallen in that action.

During the ceremony, Young Communist League (UJC) leaders launched the national communication campaign for the 60th anniversary of the organization, and a youth walk to the Santa Ifigenia cemetery ensued.

The armed uprising, organized by July 26 Movement, was carried out in support of the Granma’s landing and marked the city’s total insurrection against the Batista dictatorship.