Alma Mater ratifies its commitment to the Fatherland
HAVANA, Cuba.-The University of Havana ratifies, on its 292nd anniversary, the commitment to the Cuban nation to be a continuity of a history of patriotism, member of the Political Bureau and rector of the institution Miriam Nicado Garcia

When concluding the event on the anniversary of the university, the Rector added that the campus would continue to train professionals and contribute to the socio-economic life of the country, at the height of its time so that Cuba continues to be an educated, strong and free country.

Nicado Garcia stated that the University of Havana exhibits a recognized cloister, composed of 300 teachers and researchers who form 15 thousand young people.

On the 292nd anniversary of the institution, Felix Alfonso, assistant coordinator of San Geronimo College of Havana said that the venue is a bastion of resistance and Cubanness.