May 24th, 2023

24 May, 2023 Youth meeting of the Sao Paulo Forum was held in Cuba

Havana, Cuba.- The Youth Meeting of the Sao Paulo Forum took place this Tuesday in Havana in the context of the celebrations of the General Council of the World Federation of Democratic Youth. Issues such as the intensification of the blockade of Cuba, the condemnation of the sanctions imposed by the United States on Venezuela […]

24 May, 2023 Call for a Conference of the Communist Party of Cuba

Havana, Cuba.- The Central Committee of the Cuban Communist Party decided to convene the Second National Conference of that body to analyze the economic, social, political and ideological situation of the country. At the meeting, which will take place next October, the members will evaluate the compliance with the agreements of the 8th Congress of […]

24 May, 2023 S. Africa celebrates the 60th anniversary of Cuba’s medical collaboration

South Africa, South Africa.- The Cuban medical brigades in South Africa, Eswatini, and Lesotho celebrated the 60th anniversary of Cuba’s internationalist collaboration in the health sector on Saturday. During a teleconference from the Bloemfontein National Hospital, the doctors, led by the head of Cuba’s medical mission in South Africa, Jorge Delgado Bustillo, expressed their willingness […]

24 May, 2023 Díaz-Canel presides over ceremony marking 60 years of medical collaboration

Havana, Cuba.- President Miguel Díaz-Canel is attending Wednesday the ceremony marking 60 years of Cuba’s medical collaboration around the world, in which 605,000 health professionals and workers in 165 countries have participated. The date is celebrated at the Central Unit of Medical Cooperation by protagonists of that humanist work that six decades later is maintained […]