Havana, Cuba.- The Youth Meeting of the Sao Paulo Forum took place this Tuesday in Havana in the context of the celebrations of the General Council of the World Federation of Democratic Youth.

Issues such as the intensification of the blockade of Cuba, the condemnation of the sanctions imposed by the United States on Venezuela and Nicaragua, as well as the havoc caused by the management of ultra-right governments on the continent, were the subject of debate in the event.

Mónica Valente, executive secretary of the Sao Paulo Forum in Brazil, highlighted the importance of the meeting where representatives of different nations met to reflect on the events of the region in recent times.

As a result of the pandemic, no other face-to-face meeting of the Sao Paulo Forum had been held. On this occasion, it also served to celebrate the recent electoral victories in Latin America, as is the case of President Lula da Silva in the South American giant.

Zulmit Rivera, representing Honduras, recalled her experience with interfering governments when in 2009 Manuel Zelaya, the legitimately elected president of the people, was the victim of a coup. The young Honduran woman pointed out the ideal nature of the meeting to take stock of the tasks that young people undertake in favor of just causes worldwide.

For Puerto Rico, Richard López Rodríguez insisted on the need for his country’s independence to achieve a truly advanced America. Despite not being a free nation, he expressed that being part of the forum allows him to fight to bring Simón Bolívar’s dream of freedom to his land.

Mirthia Julia Brossard Oris, head of the International Relations Department of the National Committee of Cuba’s Union of Young Communists, thanked the representatives for their attendance and reaffirmed the island’s commitment to creating an agenda in favor of a better world.

As part of the program of activities of the General Council of the World Federation of Democratic Youth, this Wednesday the Solidarity Mission Youth of the World rise up with Cuba will be inaugurated at the Latin American School of Medicine.