Etiqueta: Eduardo Sosa
9 April, 2018 Cuba in Peru: The Responsibility to Represent People with Dignity

Cuba has much to contribute in the forums parallel to the eighth Summit of the Americas, Heidy Villuendas said, who part of the coalition For a Respectful is and Inclusive World, which brings together a part of the Cuban civil society and the region.

4 December, 2017 Splendor of Cuban Culture Reverences Fidel

On the first anniversary of the physical departure of Commander-in-Chief Fidel Castro, a political-cultural evening that conveyed the pride of a people to have that man-history forever was held at the Heredia Theater in Santiago de Cuba.

20 October, 2017 Anti-Imperialist Court Gives a Judgement

Imperialism wanted to stop us, but what it does not know is that progressive youth will not cease to fight for peace and total sovereignty of all people and nation, as Che taught us