The best of Cuban culture paid homage to Fidel. Photo: Radio Rebelde.

The best of Cuban culture paid homage to Fidel. Photo: Radio Rebelde.

SANTIAGO DE CUBA, Cuba. – On the first anniversary of the physical departure of Commander-in-Chief Fidel Castro, a political-cultural evening that conveyed the pride of a people to have that man-history forever was held at the Heredia Theater in Santiago de Cuba.

The homage to the leader of the Cuban Revolution was headed by Jose Ramon Machado Ventura, Second Secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Cuba and Vice-President of the Councils of State and Ministers.

Simple verses by Jose Marti in the voice of troubadour Eduardo Sosa preceded to pianist Frank Fernandez with his Sketches and his unforgettable music for the TV series The Great Rebellion, together with a great symphonic orchestra.

Saxophonists Cesar Lopez and Evaristo Denis played their version of Juan Almeida’s Lupe; The Rebel Quintet brought the airs of the Sierra Maestra and the Folk Ensemble of Oriente recalled the untamed African roots of Cubans.

Verses and Songs for the Undefeated Commander

A year after the physical departure of the undefeated Commander-in-Chief, talent and feeling of consecrated and novice artists converged to pay him the best tribute in every evocation expressed a song.

Images of Fidel as a combatant in the Sierra Maestra and Commander of this revolution he made for all, accompanied the homage at the Heredia Theater in Santiago de Cuba, where Corina Mestre, Fatima Patterson and poets Hector Gutierrez and Aramis Padilla offered their art.

The songs Riding with Fidel and The Return of the Friend, by Raul Torres, Eduardo Sosa and Annie Garces resounded again and generated applauses and tears for that exceptional revolutionary that worked to make culture a right of everybody.

The piece Saberse cubano closed the night at the Heredia Theater, where Fidel was among us as always.