Raul Castro and Nicolas Maduro in St Iphigenia Cemetery.

HAVANA, Cuba. – President Nicolas Maduro Moros arrived in St. Iphigenia Cemetery this Tuesday afternoon, accompanied by Army General Raul Castro Ruz to pay tribute to national hero Jose Marti and Commander-in-Chief of the Cuban Revolution, on the 91 anniversary of his birthday.

Both leaders, together with First Combatant Cilia Flores and Chancellor Bruno Rodriguez Parrilla witnessed the change of the guards of honor who guard the graves where the mortal remains of Marti and Fidel rest.

The first homage was for the Marti. In the mausoleum, next to the flag of the lone star accompanying him they deposited some white roses.

In front of the granite stone keeping Fidel´s ashes they also placed some flowers. In the birthday 91 of the Commander-in-Chief it could not miss the tribute of the Venezuelan President to that who was always next to the Bolivarian Revolution.

Likewise, Raul and Maduro paid homage to the martyrs of July 26 and to those fallen by internationalism after the triumph of January 1959.

In a brief tour by St. Iphigenia Cemetery, Raul spoke to Maduro about the Cuban history. He explained why Carlos Manuel de Cespedes is considered the Father of the Homeland, and reminded Mariana Grajales and Maria Cabrales, the mother and widow of General Antonio Maceo, respectively.

When they stopped at Frank Pais´s grave also deposited flowers, and the Cuban President evoked this courageous young man, killed like his brother Josue by Batista´s dictatorship.

Taken from Granma