Havana, Cuba.- Cuban Airport and Aeronautical Services Enterprise S.A. along with the Ministry of Public Health have been intensifying the measures to face the new coronavirus, SARS-CoV-2, at Cuba’s air terminals, deputy director Liset Urgelles said.

In statements to Cuban Television on Sunday, she explained that for a week, the entry of passengers into the country has decreased significantly, the number of departures has increased, many airlines have canceled their operations, and therefore the movement of aircraft has reduced.

Urgelles stressed that given this reality, other airlines took on the passengers from whom they suspended their flights to Cuba, but they had to redistribute those trips in such a way that they could advance the departure dates.

Nearly 60,000 foreign visitors were in Cuba until Friday, March 20, when the latest measures of the Cuban Government were announced to strengthen the control, mitigation and elimination of the coronavirus in the country.

Luis Alexander Ochoa, first vice president of the Cuban Aviation Corporation S.A., pointed out that the research of passengers leaving for each province was established for all national airports.

Ochoa indicated that all Cuban airports are prepared to carry out the operations as part of the measures to confront the pandemic with isolation rooms and action protocols in case that a suspect of the new coronavirus is detected.