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Venezuela Declares Quarantine over Covid-19 Pandemic

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro decreed quarantine, in force from this Tuesday throughout the national territory, to confront the coronavirus pandemic, in order to minimize the chances of its spread.


Cuban Advise to Face Coronavirus in Venezuela

Specialists from Henry Reeve Medical Brigade began this Tuesday a period of training for managers and collaborators of the Social Missions of Cuba in Venezuela to eliminate the Coronavirus pandemic.

Higher Education efforts for quality of universities

Higher Education Efforts for Quality of Universities

The contribution of universities to the government’s processes in 2019, were exposed by Miguel Diaz-Canel, President of the Republic, by intervening in the annual analysis of the Ministry of Higher Education.

In Cuba there is no transmission of Covid-19

In Cuba There Is No Transmission of Covid-19

“We cannot say that in Cuba there is transmission of Covid-19, because those infected are imported or people with close contacts with patients from abroad,” Francisco Duran, director of Epidemiology of the Ministry of Public Health explained in the Roundtable TV program.


Cuban cultural institution postpones events for Covid-19

The Cuban Institute of Cultural Research Juan Marinello announced on Monday the postponement of the international events scheduled to take place in April and May, as part of the prevention and confrontation measures of the Covid-19.


Forest cover grows in Cuba

Cuba’s forest cover grew by 0.26 percent in 2019, thanks to the increase of some 27,200 hectares, official sources reported Monday.

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