Higher Education efforts for quality of universities


HAVANA, Cuba.- The contribution of universities to the government’s processes in 2019, were exposed by Miguel Diaz-Canel, President of the Republic, by intervening in the annual analysis of the Ministry of Higher Education.

Diaz-Canel added that the response of high-school campuses to employer bodies, with the insertion of specialized workforce, reinforces the positive aspect of the university-company link.

The Head of State said at the annual analysis of the Ministry of Higher Education, that although they try to discredit us and destroy our unity, students and teachers do hard political and ideological work in networks.

The Cuban President commented that in the National System of Education and Higher Education they already teach robotics, and highlighted the work of local development and the need to achieve the export of services.

Training Professionals

Prime Minister Manuel Marrero Cruz, summarizing the Annual Working Assembly of the Ministry of Higher Education, noted the importance of continuing to train integral professionals, characterized by their deep humanist sense, political and ideological firmness, who are competent, educated, and committed to the Revolution.

Marrero added the need for the university to continue in the economic and social life of the country, with young people at the forefront, bringing knowledge, thought and prominence, as part of the present of the Fatherland.

The Cuban Prime Minister considered at the Annual Working Assembly in Higher Education, the importance of the use of new communication and information technologies in the Cuban society.

He emphasized the need for demand, quality and rigor in universities, and indicated that social media is a powerful weapon to neutralize the enemy in defense of the Revolution.