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International News

Russia Denies US Press

Moscow rejected US press accusations about a supposed Russian intelligence unit involved in the case of Sergei Skripal and an attempted coup in Montenegro.

News The State is legally reordered

The State Is Legally Reordered

Cuban Minister of Justice Oscar Silvera advanced that work is being carried out on the elaboration of laws such as the Family Code, Protection of Personal Data and Criminal Procedure, among others.In a meeting prior to the extraordinary session of the N

News Cuba does not stop house construction

Cuba Does Not Stop House Construction

The current complexities, accentuated by the upsurge in the U.S. blockade and limitations on material resources, did not prevent Cuba from ending more than 24,500 homes, 75 percent of the year’s plan, until August.


Cuba honors Che Guevara at his first monument

In the Bosque de los Heroes (Forest of the Heroes), the first monument erected in tribute to Ernesto Guevara and his comrades killed in Bolivia, Cubans this Tuesday offered a show of their respect and gratitude for his emancipatory deeds.

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