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September 13th, 2019

13 September, 2019 Shortage of diesel will not stagnate Cuba, Gov’t asserts

Despite hurting the steel and cement industries, two big fuel consumers, the shortage of diesel caused by hardened US hostility, Cuba will not stagnate, Economy Minister Alejandro Gil assured the nation in a televised appearance.

13 September, 2019 Cuban authorities begin tours to assess energy situation

A group of ministers and other Cuban authorities are beginning this Friday tours of several provinces to follow up on the implementation of measures announced by the government in response to the current energy situation.

13 September, 2019 Modern Plant Raises Rice Seed Quality in Cuban Province

The operation in the South of Jíbaro of a modern plant with Chinese technology, to benefit rice seed, raised cereal quality parameters, said a specialist today. Leonardo Puerto, director of the Los Españoles Base Business Unit, belonging to the Agroindustrial Enterprise of Granos Sur del Jíbaro, told local press that among the advantages of this equipment is a better classification of grain.