Etiqueta: violence
22 March, 2019 Venezuelan Government Dismantles Terrorist Group

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro reported that the terrorist group dismantled by the authorities planned to attack military barracks, hospitals and public services in the country.

4 December, 2018 Lopez Obrador Defends Creation of National Guard in Mexico

The President of Mexico, Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, defended the creation of the National Guard for the coercive confrontation of the insecurity undermining the tranquility of the country, before criticisms from the opposition reluctant to that initiative.

19 September, 2018 Twenty Two Students Expelled for Violence at UNAM in Mexico

he authorities of the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) have reported that to date, 22 students have been expelled for violent acts occurred on September 3 in front of the Rectory, in the University Campus.

21 July, 2018 Law against Gender Violence Reformed in Ecuador

The Ecuadorian government reformed a law to prevent and eradicate violence against women and include gender equality under the principle of non-discrimination, local media reported today.

29 May, 2018 Wave of Violence Continues in Nicaragua

Violent groups looted and burned public and private property in Masaya, after a day of aggression and clashes in the Nicaraguan capital. Alleged criminals burned down the Family Courts and destroyed the handicraft market.

14 March, 2018 Activities of the World Social Forum Continue

With the cry of Fora Temer replicated in tens of thousands of voices, the Brazilian city of Salvador de Bahia opened its doors to the thirteenth World Social Forum.

6 July, 2017 Supreme Court Repudiates Violence

The Venezuelan Supreme Court of Justice rejected the attack on the Venezuelan people in the National Assembly, and said the perpetrators of the event will be punished.