Etiqueta: National Constituent Assembly
29 September, 2017 Debates in Venezuela on Women’s Rights

The National Constituent Assembly called on the Venezuelan people to join the collective construction of the Chapter Woman, Equity and Gender Equality of the new Constitution to protect the rights of this sector.

9 August, 2017 For Venezuela´s Development

The President of the National Constituent Assembly, Delcy Rodriguez highlighted this Wednesday the diversification of economy as the way to overcome the rentier model used in the war of the international right against Venezuela.

9 August, 2017 Unrestricted Support for Venezuela

The nations members of the Bolivarian Alliance of the Peoples’ of Our America – People’s Trade Treaty (ALBA-TCP) condemned the attempts by the United States to attack Venezuela, and reiterated the call to the establishment of a constructive and respectful dialogue.

24 July, 2017 Venezuela Celebrates Bolivar’s Birth

President Nicolas Maduro highlighted this Monday the joy in Venezuela for the anniversary of Liberator Simon Bolívar´s birth and the day of the Bolivarian National Navy commemorating the 194 years of the naval battle of Lake Maracaibo.

24 July, 2017 Maduro Predicts Victory in Constituent Elections

The Venezuelan people are a week from the great victory in the National Constituent Assembly, President Nicolas Maduro highlighted during his regular Sunday program broadcast from Bolívar Square in Caracas.

13 July, 2017 Venezuelan Constituent Will Keep Bolivarian Ideal

Comptroller General of Venezuela Manuel Galindo said this Thursday that the National Constituent Assembly advancing in his country will continue maintaining in force the Bolivarian spirit of the Constitution of 1999.

23 June, 2017 Work is the Path to Peace, Maduro Says

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro urged this Friday the Venezuelan people to follow the example of work and dignity of recent years to achieve national peace, at a time when violent groups sponsored by right-wing extremist sectors intend to impose violence in the country.