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22 January, 2019 Cuban Soccer Confirms Presence in Caribbean Tournament

The president of the Cuban Football Association (AFC), Luis Hernandez, confirmed the presence of a team from the island in the second edition of the Caribbean Club Shield tournament, qualifier for the Concacaf League.

14 January, 2019 Tourism Minister Highlights 505 Years of Cuban Trinidad Village

Cuba”s Tourism Minister Manuel Marrero highlighted on Sunday the south central historical city of Trinidad as a ”destination that has it all”, while commemorating the 505th anniversary of the third village built by the Spaniards in the island in 1514.

3 January, 2019 Machado Ventura Urges to Make the Most of the Available Resources for the Harvest(+Photo gallery)

The exhortation was made after knowing the objective limitations that, for now, presents the mechanized harvesting of sugarcane, especially in the Colombia and Amancio Rodríguez sugar mills, where it was accompanied by Ariel Santana Santiesteban, member of the Central Committee and First secretary of the Party in the province; Jaime Ernesto Chiang Vega, president of the Government; and Julio García Pérez, Azcuba’s top executive, among other leaders.

21 November, 2018 Dignity, Principles Guide Cuban Doctors

Cuba’s decision of withdrawing from the Brazilian More Doctors Program is a matter of principles and dignity, Ariadna Gonzalez, a specialist in Gastroenterology, said in this capital on Wednesday.