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26 September, 2019 US blockade affects research at Cuban universities

The United States blockade on Cuba greatly affects centers attached to the Ministry of Higher Education (MES), mainly in the field of research, Ministry official Reynaldo Velazquez noted.

13 September, 2019 Modern Plant Raises Rice Seed Quality in Cuban Province

The operation in the South of Jíbaro of a modern plant with Chinese technology, to benefit rice seed, raised cereal quality parameters, said a specialist today. Leonardo Puerto, director of the Los Españoles Base Business Unit, belonging to the Agroindustrial Enterprise of Granos Sur del Jíbaro, told local press that among the advantages of this equipment is a better classification of grain.

5 August, 2019 Diaz-Canel: Bolsonaro Lies about Cuban Doctors

President Miguel Diaz-Canel denounced that the Brazilian head of State, Jair Bolsonaro, lies about the Cuban doctors in that country, and acts with servility towards the United States.

2 August, 2019 President says Mike Pompeo is an ignorant of Cuban history

President Miguel Diaz-Canel has described Secretary of State Mike Pompeo as “ignorant of the history and principles of the Cuban Revolution” by proposing a negotiation that suggests treason and denial of the dignity of the people of the island.

26 July, 2019 Raul Castro, Diaz-Canel in Act for Cuban Rebellion Day

The leading Cuban authorities head this Friday the celebration of the National Rebellion Day in the Plaza de la Patria in Bayamo, with the participation of thousands of inhabitants of the eastern province of Granma.

12 July, 2019 Foreign Students Graduate in Cuban Universities

About 90 foreign students have graduated in Santa Clara in different specialties of Higher Education at the Serafin Ruiz de Zarate Ruiz University of Medical Sciences, and Marta Abreu, from Villa Clara.