Havana, Cuba.- Cuban president, Miguel Diaz-Canel, called to increase production of building materials to solve housing problems, of great significance in this country today.

In a work meeting held in recent days, the head of State called to turn into houses all possible building materials, a priority for the islansd’s government, according to a report published by Juventud Rebelde daily.

Tomás Vázquez, director of local production of the Ministry of Construction, informed at the meeting they will gradually add to the program for the obtention of those materials 270 new capacities identified at neighborhood council level.

In this regard, Commander of the Revolution Ramiro Valdes insisted in timely evaluating all possible solutions.

The Vicepresident of the Councils of State and Ministers said that it may be they will not always be optimum, but with a systematic maintenance they may be vital and produce materials in the short term.

On the other hand, Dioaz-Canel stressed the importance that projected investments in the cement and dry goods, whose productions are of vital importance for the continuity and development of the Caribbean nation’s programs.

In that sense, he was detailed on the investment program, mainly in what refers to dry goods production and their limitations, as well as actions to organize the workforce to face the housing plans, among other aspects.

After knowing from the Minister of Construction, Rene Mesa, details of the Housing Policy, Cuban President repeated his call to balance all ideas with the State Plan to Face Climate Change, known as Life Task.

He repeated, also, the importance to watch for the quality of the buildings and compliance of the chronogramns of maintenance and repairs.