Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.- The Máximo Gómez Foundation, along with Dominican Republic organizations, announced today a reading marathon of the Campaign Diary of the Generalissimo on the occasion of the 181 Anniversary of his birth.

According to a press release from that Foundation, the marathon that will be called Máximo Gómez speaks, will be held from November 13 to 17 in the park that bears his name in Baní, province of Peravia, the city where the Dominican independence hero was born.

Students from eleven schools in that city will read quotes from the third edition of Máximo Gómez’s Campaign Diary, published last March after 33 years of its second edition, the note added.

Also, on the afternoon of November 15, the Máximo Gómez Conference, life, work, and legacy, will be delivered in the park that bears his name by the Vice President of the Foundation, Carlos Rodríguez.

On the last day, the reading marathon will be closed by officials, cultural personalities and representatives of the social organizations of Bani and guests.