Washington, U.S.- Cuban emigrants in the US city of Miami, Florida, shared criteria and recognized the importance of the new Draft Constitution in their native country.

About 40 representatives of the Alianza Martiana coalition, bringing together several organizations, came together collectively for the first time to the proposal, and will do so at least two more times, the president of that entity, Damian Diaz, told Prensa Latina today.

The Sunday’s meeting was attended by several extreme-right anti-Cuban provocative individuals, who tried to sabotage the meeting, but failed, the leader said.

In his opinion, this was a way to attack an initiative convened for the Alliance members, and offend the leaders of the Caribbean island.

A copy of the aforementioned draft was distributed among those attending the meeting and an account of the Cuban constitutions was also made, from the first one approved in Guaimaro, Camagüey, in April 1869, until the last one adopted in 1976, Andres Gomes, national coordinator of the Antonio Maceo Brigade, stated.

For the first time in history, all Cubans, regardless of their geographical location, could be part of discussions to build the country’s Constitution.

According to Ernesto Soberon, director of Consular Affairs and Cuban Residents Abroad at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Caribbean island, the call is in tune with the updating of the immigration policy implemented in recent years.

The People’s Power National Assembly approved on July 22 the new Draft Constitution, which is being submitted to the popular consultation from August 13 to November 15.

For Cuban residents abroad, the opportunity to submit proposals on the letter of the constitution will start in the first week of September, once technical conditions are created for their participation.

Soberon explained that the contribution of criteria of people outside Cuba will be materialized through a section on the website Nation and Emigration of the Cuban Foreign Ministry http://www.nacionyemigracion.cu.