Havana, Cuba.- Signed by two symbolic dates that this year magnify the epic of the Father of all Cubans, the Man of Marble Day – in the city of Bayamo, from the 25th to the 27th, to pay tribute to Carlos Manuel de Céspedes -, in addition to commemorating the 150th anniversary of his death, will be a prelude to the celebration of the 205th anniversary of the birth of the patrician from Bayamo, in April.

This 32nd edition of the contest – organised by the Father of the Nation’s Birthplace Museum – has as its main premise the evocation of the man of the 10th of October, from a diverse perspective in which art, history, sport, education and culture converge.

Javier Andrés Vega Leyva, director of the museum, explained that on this occasion the event is part of the activities of the communication campaign Contigo, la Patria toda, which will honour in 2024 the distinguished patriot who took up arms against Spanish colonialism.

It is a matter, he stressed, of extolling from his hometown, Bayamo, the Céspedes that should beat in the heart of every Cuban.

To this end, the new generations have an essential role to play in the programme of activities.

Guided tours of the museum, projection of cartoons, chess tournaments, book presentations and conferences, among other activities, make up these proposals for the Hombre de Mármol day, which will also include the traditional dinner, an artistic evening and the Ceremony of the Flags, in the Plaza de la Revolución in Bayamon, on 27 February, the 150th anniversary of the death of the Father of the Homeland.