Havana, Cuba.- Spanish airline Iberia, which has completed seven decades of operations in Cuba in 2018, said in a statement that it bets on this market, especially now that the island is deploying its tourism.

Iberia operates daily and direct flights between Cuba and Spain with excellent connections with the rest of Europe, according to a note released on Thursday.

Iberia will also introduce in May its new Premium Tourist cabin with a very special price on occasion of the 500th anniversary of Havana, on November 16, 2019.

The airline participates in two Cuban companies: IBECA, dedicated to aircraft maintenance, and ELCA, a cargo handling.

The airline also collaborates in a mini-donation project in favor of UNICEF, whose revenues are destined to carry out vaccinations in Cuba, the report says.

On the occasion of the 500th anniversary of Havana, Iberia will carry out a wide promotion of the destination in its magazines ‘Ronda’ and ‘Excelente’, on social media channels and other media, the report said.