Havana, Cuba.- The incorporation of Photovoltaic energy to the Electric network is today one of the most debated issues of the VII CubaFV International Workshop, as well as the scientific, technical and innovation contributions to the subject.

Regarding the application of the amount of solar energy needed without putting the system at risk, talking about voltage and frequency-penetration to the national electricity network-, told Prensa Latina the head of the photovoltaic laboratory of the Institute of Science and Technology of Investigations of Materials (IMRE), Julio Rimada.

Although the use of photovoltaic technology is recent in Cuba and advances in the understanding of the importance of its use, Rimada explained that there is still some rejection regarding its incorporation into the national electrical system due to fears that it may causes some damage.

The idea of the workshop is to convince the people about the need to install a lot of PV energy in the island because it can be one of the most important energies in the country after biomass and in parallel with that of the wind, he said.

Among the topics of interest for the development of the PV in Cuba were discussed the use of investors in the PV systems, the influence of the passage of a cloud over an isolated PV park, projection of a park connected to the network, solar energy for purification of water and the study of pressure coefficients in solar panels against wind action.