Havana, Cuba.- Cuba’s University of Computer Sciences (UCI) is offering four new products to Cubans, as part of the computerization of society, UCI Commercial Manager Luis Rosel Rodriguez said.

First of all, we propose Redcuba, a search engine for unified contents that is under (.cu) domain at https://www.redcuba.cu/, Rodriguez told.

We also have three other applications, which are products for Internet: toDus (Beta), Pictas and Apklis.

Apklis, a distribution site for Android mobile apps, allows users to download and update applications from Cuba and the rest of the world by connecting mobile data to the Cuban Telecommunications Company (ETECSA) network.

According to the manager of the higher education center, through apklis (https://www.apklis.cu/es/), people can also download two more applications: https://todus.cu/ and https://www.picta.cu/.

Android app toDus (Beta) allows instant messaging and distribute content and photos to friends and family. It also gives users the possibility of being connected by mobile data with the people we decide in the country, he explained.

Android app Picta manages audiovisual content and live broadcast, he said.

In order to guarantee a high quality, a product shaping process has been carried out at a Beta level, correcting all errors that may be coming out, he said.

The UCI, founded in 2002, has graduated more than 14,000 engineers who have joined all sectors of the economy and society.