Havana, Cuba.- The Mariel Special Development Zone (ZEDM), an important Cuban economic project, conceives its evolution in an environmentally friendly way.

With its Development Program, it consolidates its future actions in accordance with state policies for confronting climate change and incorporating renewable energies, according to information shared today by that entity in social networks.

This program also aims to contribute to the development of the social environment so that communities included in Sector A have benefited from the infrastructure works, transportation and jobs generated.

The increase in the participation of Cuban companies in the dynamics of the ZEDM is conceived in the Business and Development Program, which will strengthen the productive chain and promote an integration with the national economy, the ZEDM General Manager reported in Twitter.

In the initial phase, the Zone has among its main premises the strengthening of infrastructure and services, ensuring that they are competitive for their quality, integrity and prices.

The Business and Development Program is the strategic guideline for the evolution of this economic enclave since it designs its development phases until 2042, based on the results of its first years and taking into account the conditions of the country.

The Zone, located about 45 kilometers west of this capital, awakens a growing interest among foreign businessmen and is focused on maintaining the pace in attracting investment.

In this sense, it seeks to continue developing the infrastructure and services for the agile establishment of new users and concessionaires.