Havana, Cuba.- The Cuban Institute for Research on Sugar Cane Derivatives (ICIDCA) on Wednesday reported about Verticid, a product to control whiteflies and other pests.

ICIDCA´s Commercial Director Bárbara Rodríguez told Prensa Latina that Verticid is a dry, powdered biopreparation obtained from the entomopathogenic fungus: Verticillium lecanii.

Regarding Verticid´s technical effectiveness to control whiteflies, white mites and other pests, Ms. Rodríguez said that four applications are made under field conditions for a 5-kilogram weekly dose per hectare.

According to specialized sources, whitefly, widely distributed throughout the tropical and subtropical region, causing significant yield loss to many crops including eggplant, cucumber, pepper and tomato.

Ms. Rodríguez also mentioned -among other advantages- in addition to its effectiveness, Verticid has no polluting waste to the environment.

Verticid was satisfactorily assessed for the control of nematodes, hence the global process does not contribute to polluting loads to cause effects on ecological balance, she stressed.