Havana, Cuba.- The Communication Forum for the Integration of Our America sent a greeting to the Cuban people for the 60th anniversary of the triumph of the Revolution and highlighted its mark of solidarity, was known here today.

In a message disseminated this space of regional articulation of networks of communication and social movements, the Forum stated that the process of of the island constituted ‘a milestone in the emancipation of the Latin America and the Caribbean, giving a clear sign of self-determination and sovereignty.’

The note stressed that in addition to safeguarding their national sovereignty, the people and the Cuban government have been of paramount importance in the integration of regional solidarity.

Regarding thisd, the Forum mentioned Cuba’s missions in Latin America, the Caribbean and other parts of the world in the field of education and training health professionals, which constitute a model of cooperation among nations and peoples all over the planet

The note said that the six decades since January 1, 1959 showed a people determined to develop their own way, ‘courageously resisting the threats and permanent pressures of imperialism.’

The Forum emphasized that even today Cuba is subjected to ‘an infamous blockade’, which prevents the full development of its economic capabilities.

The platform of media networks and social movements highlighted that the impulse given by the governments of Cuba and Venezuela has been key to the emergence of the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (ECLAC).

ECLAC, which brings together the 33 countries of Our America, guarantees the possibility of an independent political agreement without external interference or pressure and the growing convergence in the diversity of its nations to speak to the world with a common voice, the note said.

Also, the message conveyed a special recognition and a warm embrace to the communicators and journalists of Cuba, who struggled throughout these sixty years to counteract the international media attacks of the hegemonic media.

The Forum is formed by ALBA Movimientos, the Prensa Latina Latin American News Agency, the World Women’s March, Jubileo Sur/Américas, Abya Yala Televisión, Revista Punto Final and the Defense of Mankind Network.