Rebel Army Commander Faure Chomon passed away

HAVANA, Cuba.- Prominent revolutionary combatant Faure Chomon Mediavilla died this Thursday afternoon, December 5, from multi-organ dysfunction syndrome.

He was born on January 15, 1929 in Manati, in the former province of Oriente. He participated early in revolutionary activities against the governments of turn and Batista´s tyranny, carrying out different responsibilities. Chomon made a significant contribution to student struggle, in Camaguey, as well as in the University Student Federation and the Revolutionary Directory.

Chomon participated in the heroic assault on the Presidential Palace on March 13, 1957. In 1958 he led an expedition through Nuevitas area and formed the Guerrilla Front of Escambray until it was part of Las Villas Front under Commander Ernesto Guevara´s command. He was promoted to Commander of the Rebel Army.

After the triumph of January 1, 1959, Faure Chomon held important political and governmental responsibilities. Among others, he had the following positions: Ambassador of Cuba to the former Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, to the Republic of Ecuador and to the Socialist Republic of Vietnam; Minister for Communications and Transport; First Secretary of the Party in Las Tunas province, as well as an adviser to the President of the National Assembly of People’s Power. He also served other missions in the interests of the Government, the State and the Party abroad.

He was a member of the National Assembly of People’s Power since its establishment in 1976. Founder of the Party, he was a member of the Central Committee since 1965 and a member of the Secretariat. He received numerous distinctions and decorations for the results of his work.

Faure excelled for his simplicity, his absolute loyalty to Fidel and Raul, his permanent defense of unity among revolutionaries and his consecration, until his last breath, to the tasks entrusted to him by the Revolution. He forged a close bond with young people and in particular with the University Student Federation, always accompanying them in their activities and events.

According to his family´s decision, his body will be cremated and later it will be informed later the posthumous tribute he will receive.