Havana, Cuba.- First Vice President Salvador Valdes on Monday called to take advantage of the capacity, experience and skills to promote investment in the food industry, given the complex and difficult current scenario.

Upon speaking in the legislators’ debate of the Agriculture and Food Commission of the Cuban Parliament, the first vice president stated the need to identify if the problem is financing, labor force or lack of materials, among others.

We are negatively affected by the financial persecution of the economic, financial and commercial blockade, the activation of Title III of Helms-Burton Act, but also the failure to exploit our capabilities to face the situation, he said.

Valdes advocated for developing technical availability, strengthening maintenance and boosting investment processes, despite limitations.

The first vice president reiterated that the plan for the development and modernization of the industry in Cuba will not be abandoned, much less in the food sector.

The Cuban legislators are debating Monday on issues related to public transportation, housing and others, as part of the activities prior to the Third Ordinary Period of Sessions of the 9th Legislature of the Parliament.