Havana, Cuba.- With the aim of improving the population’s quality of life and replacing imports in Cuba, scientists and experts from the food industry are discussing on Wednesday in Havana some proposals to strengthen joint efforts in that direction.

During the final day of the workshop ‘More production of food industry with the application of science’ taking place at Havana’s Cojimar Conference Center, delegates will analyze possible ways for a more efficient union of knowledge and production. Attendees will exchange issues related to aquaculture, friendly fishing, genetic improvement of species, alternative food sources, automation of technological processes, and the use of extenders, additives and ingredients.

Participants will also address issues related to meat, dairy, preserves and drinks during the event.

Cuban Minister of Science, Technology and Environment Elba Rosa Perez stressed the importance of combining the results of the research centers with the food industry to improve population’s quality of life.

Upon addressing the opening ceremony of the workshop, Perez recalled that about 255 research projects were supervised in 2019, which mostly, their results were introduced into production.