Jorge Arreaza, Venezuela's Foreign Minister.

Jorge Arreaza, Venezuela’s Foreign Minister.

CARACAS, Venezuela.- Jorge Arreaza, Venezuela’s Foreign Minister, repudiated the position of Panamanian President Juan Carlos Varela, who attacked the South American country to please his northern leaders.

Through Twitter, Arreaza pointed out that Varela tries to prevent the investigation of his crimes, and for this, he joins the repeated actions of discredit against the Bolivarian nation.

The declarations of the diplomat respond to a publication by Varela on Twitter, where he compared the alleged political crisis in Venezuela with the last days of the military dictatorship in Panama.

In the document, the Venezuelan Chancellor pointed out it is unfortunate that Panama joins again in the anti-diplomatic nonsense against Venezuela, violating principles of international law, and that the conduct of Panamanian diplomacy is due to pressures from Washington.