Mexico City, Mexico.- The authorities of the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) have reported that to date, 22 students have been expelled for violent acts occurred on September 3 in front of the Rectory, in the University Campus.

On that day, students from the College of Sciences and Humanities of Acapotzalco were peacefully demonstrating when members of the cheerleading groups physically attacked them, resulting in several injuries, including two serious ones.

These aggressions have provoked demonstrations and the shutdown of more than 40 schools and faculties, out of which 38 have already restarted classes.

Today the Faculty of Arts and Design, the colleges of Sciences and Humanities of Azapotzalco and Naucalpan, as well as High School Two will do it.

The Faculties of Philosophy and Letters, the National School of Social Work and High School Five are about to decide.

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