Maduro insists on dialogue and peace.

Maduro insists on dialogue and peace.

CARACAS, Venezuela. – The President of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro, ratified his invitation to dialogue with the opposition in pursuit of national reconciliation, and rejected the interference of the so-called Group of Lima and the United States and their encouragement to a coup d’état.

Maduro insisted on moving forward at a dialogue table like the one the opposition had failed last year, and denounced that coup plans are part of an aggressive formula that eludes the fundamental principles of coexistence among peoples.

As part of its initiatives to refound this conversational structure,
the Venezuelan President required Pope Francis to mediate in the strengthening of national peace.

Maduro also encouraged him to participate in the proposal made by the Governments of Mexico, Uruguay, Bolivia and some Caribbean countries to hold a conference in favor of dialogue in Venezuela from Thursday in the city of Montevideo.