Rome, Italy.- Italians and Cubans summoned by one of the cultural associations in support of Cuba demanded the lifting of the United States blockade.

The group, chaired by Olga Lidia Priel, a Cuban residing in the city of Jesi, broadcasted via social sites an audiovisual in which men and women from different sectors added their voices to the global caravan to demand the end of the siege promoted by the United States.

Ornella Affabris reflected on the origins, extraterritoriality and genocidal nature of the blockade based on declassified documents from the US government.

The writer Maddalena Celano, from ‘Socialist Convergence,’ and Manuel Santoro, secretary general of the organization, as well as Sara Saez, from the Cuba Northeast Association and her compatriot Niurka Bertha Pico, resident of Milan, spoke in the same direction.

Giuseppe Polinori spoke on behalf of the circle of the Italy-Cuba Friendship National Association, based in the city of Senigallia, and highlighted the quality and effectiveness of the Cuban health system, universal and free, based on prevention through the territoriality and capillarity of the community and family medicine.

After noting that Cuba demonstrates how only through a global effort can the Covid-19 pandemic be overcome, Polinori thanked the help provided to Italy by Cuban health collaborators and stressed that ‘US imperialism does not tolerate a country that builds bridges and it does not send arms but doctors.’

The severe restrictions on mobility and social gatherings in force in Italy to contain the pandemic prevented the carrying out of massive activities in open spaces, despite which several organizations develop initiatives appropriate to the circumstances in different cities of the country.