The Workers' Party denounces persecution against Lula.

The Workers’ Party denounces persecution against Lula.

BRAZILIA ,Brazil.- The Workers’ Party of Brazil reported that the disclosure of messages between former judge Sergio Moro and prosecutors confirms the judicial farce to prevent the electoral victory of President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva and the political organization.

The Intercept news website published a series of reports, based on conversations, chats, emails and audio, which reveal that Moro coordinated illicit actions with prosecutors of Lava Jato Operation to incriminate Lula.

The party specifies that contrary to what they claim to try to stifle their illegal actions, Moro and the prosecutors of the Jato Lava surpassed all the frontiers of the legality, and of the democratic State of law.

He political organization highlights that the perpetrators committed crimes against Lula’s freedom, against the right of defense and due process of law and, mainly, against the sovereignty of the people.