Cuban Chancellor Burno Rodriguez Parrilla.

Cuba’s Foreign Minister rejects Trump’s aggressive speech.

Interview granted by Bruno Rodriguez Parrilla, Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Cuba, to Jorge Gestoso, journalist at Telesur, at the headquarters of the United Nations, September 19, 2017.

Jorge Gestoso.-Mr. Chancellor, thank you for being with us.

Bruno Rodriguez.-Thank you very much.

Jorge Gestoso.-Your reaction to Donald Trump’s speech this morning.

Bruno Rodriguez.-It was an unusual, aggressive, speech, of domination, ruthlessly imperialist. I was surprised by the manipulation he made on the subject of sovereignty, which means sovereignty for the United States, subjugation for all others. He totally ignores the concept of sovereign equality that inspires the United Nations.

His attack on Venezuela: brutal, unjustified, and arbitrary. He calls for additional actions against Venezuela. What does he mean, the armed option, something worse? And I want, then, by condemning his words, to reiterate the absolute solidarity of Cuba to the Bolivarian and Chavista people, to their civic-military union, to the Government headed by constitutional President Nicolas Maduro Moros.

His threat of destroying a country on the Korean peninsula is extraordinarily serious. He threatens to ignite the Korean peninsula with a necessarily nuclear conflagration, which could endanger all humanity. A conflict that cannot have, in no way has a military solution.

The Government of President Trump is the government that lost the popular vote, which also has a low popularity among those paying taxes in this country; without the slightest moral authority to criticize Cuba, a small country, a solidarity island that has extensive international cooperation, a government of recognized cleanliness and transparency, a noble and hardworking people, the venue of the Colombia peace process, a country recognized as a factor of stability. And it is done by the head of an empire that is responsible for most of the wars occurring today on the planet and that is a factor of profound global instability and serious threats to peace and international security.

I strongly reject President Trump’s approach.

Jorge Gestoso. – We heard about the possibility of breaking relations with Cuba, or significantly reducing them. Your reaction?

Bruno Rodriguez. – Well, the President didn’t say that in his speech. These are topics I’ll comment on later. I will be speaking in the next few days in the general debate, and I shall be able to refer closely to the issues of the international agenda, even bilateral with the United States.

Jorge Gestoso. – Finally, your reaction to the horrific earthquake of 7.0 that Mexico has just lived and, so far, with dozens of deaths, a tragedy!

Bruno Rodriguez.-After the recent earthquake, just on the anniversary of the terrible earthquake that devastated Mexico City, I have expressed to the Mexican government, the Mexican people, and his delegation here our deep condolences. Also to the relatives of the victims, to those affected, and we are available to Mexico.

In the same way we are mobilizing our efforts to contribute to the Eastern Caribbean islands, in particular Dominica, which has been ravaged in a serious way. We have 36 Cuban collaborators there and we are finding a way to help more.

Jorge Gestoso.-Thank you, Chancellor. Thank you very much for being with us.

Bruno Rodriguez.-Thanks to Telesur. Thanks a lot.