Havana, Cuba.- Cuban Foreign Minister, Bruno Rodriguez, said the hostile campaign against Cuba does not help Donald Trump, who seeks to be reelected this year in the upcoming presidential elections.

Trump obtained in 2016 the second worst result of Cuban votes in Florida among the Republican candidates. Hostility and measures to economically asphyxiate Cuba do not favor his election interests and affect Cubans heavily, wrote the diplomat on Twitter.

According to Rodriguez, the US president is badly advised by those who insist on the blockade against Cuba to raise his ratings.

Calculations made by the Cuban diplomatic mission to the United Nations confirm that nearly six decades of US blockade have caused damage for over 922.630 million dollars, but the human damage caused by the policy cannot be calculated.

During the last few months, for example, Washington began applying measures to prevent the supply of fuel to Cuba from different markets.

In 2019, the US government increased its hostile actions, imposing additional obstacles on foreign trade and increasing ‘the persecution of our banking financial relations with the rest of the world.’

Among the recent measures are the imposition of a thousand-dollar limit per quarter to the monetary remittance a person from the United States can send to Cuba, and the elimination of the permission to carry out U-turn bank transactions.

There is also the restriction on all flights from the United States to any Cuban air terminals excepting Havana.