Havana, Cuba.- The Communist Party of Cuba (PCC) today congratulated the South West African People’s Organization (SWAPO) on the 60th anniversary of its creation, and greeted its founder, Sam Nujoma.

In a message sent to SWAPO, the PCC highlighted relations with the Namibian party ‘forged with the sacrifice of thousands of African and Cuban heroes who fought to preserve Angolan independence.’

It adds that those heroes also contributed to Namibia’s independence and to defeat the segregationist and racist system of apartheid in South Africa.

On this special occasion, we are brotherly greeting the historical leader and founding father of SWAPO and of the Namibian nation, comrade Sam Nujoma, a close and faithful friend of Fidel, Raúl and the Revolution, added the congratulatory text dated in Havana.

In this regard, the Cuban party’s authorities recalled that Nujoma was a defender, along with his government, of permanent solidarity with the Cuban people in their fight against the blockade imposed by the United States.