Beijing, China.- The department of International Relations of the Chinese Communist Party informed today that its head, Song Tao, will visit Cuba next Sunday to present the results of the recent Congress of the organization, held last October.

According to a brief communiqué of that office, the high official will travel as special envoy of the PCCh leader and president of the country, Xi Jinping and will meet his counterpart of the Cuban Communist Party.

In the Caribbean island Song will speak on the development and results of the 19th Congress of the Chinese Party which marked the beginning of an era of economic and political revitalization of the Asian giant, with well-defined strategies.

During the great event, the idea of promoting socialism with characteristics of their own, considered the route to follow to establish a modestly prosperous society to turn the country into a modern state by the middle of this century.

That thought was said by Xi when opening the Congress and it is all about a new focus to persist in Marxism, solidify communism and cultivate and practice the essential socialist values, but at the same time to guide China through its evolution dreams.

To achieve such purposes, it is established that all citizens equally enjoy the development and prosperity, modernize governing methods, update laws and transform the People’s Army of Liberation into an armed forces of world class.

After concluding his stay in Cuba, Song and his accompanying delegation will continue trip to Canada.