Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.- The Cuban Embassy in the Dominican Republic celebrated the 59th Anniversary of the Triumph of the Revolution on the Caribbean island.

The event, held on Saturday, was full of emotions. Cubans gave free rein to the joy that characterizes them and committed to their country.

The welcome was in charge of Cuban Ambassador Carlos Jesus de la Nuez, who was very satisfied with the response given by his compatriots to the call and invited them to attend events like this, because they contribute to the necessary unity among all.

Cuban Consul Rainer Garcia gave the main speech. He stated that in order to celebrate another anniversary of the triumph of the Cuban Revolution with all those present was an honor for the Embassy, which is the home of each of us in the Dominican Republic, no matter the reason and not just of the diplomats, the official said to those present.

Garcia also announced the opening of the Twitter account @cubasuenaRD, which will be used to meet the needs from his compatriots who reside in this nation. The account was activated during the event and it was a success.