Cuban delegation at Hemispheric Civil Society Forum in Lima.

LIMA, Peru.- The Cuban delegation attending the Hemispheric Civil Society Forum in Lima, Peru, asked the organizers about the selection of the spokesman that will represent the twenty eight coalitions present.

“We do not know what the method of selection of spokesmen is, not even how the order in which the coalitions will intervene was established,” Fermin Quiñones, coordinator of the Cuban group, said in the opening of the works of the last seven groups.

Quiñones’ speech was supported by representatives from other countries, who also demanded explanations from the organizers, as there is an almost unanimous rejection to the lack of transparency and democracy.

On Cuban insistence, the leaders of the Hemispheric Civil Society forum only said they would take note of the collective demand.

There Is No Political Corruption in Cuba

Edward Roberts Campbell, a member of the National Assembly of People’s Power, ratified the absence of political corruption in Cuba when speaking in the third Meeting of Open Parliament Network of ParlAmericas.

On behalf of the five Cuban parliamentarians, the chief Prosecutor of the Directorate of Criminal Proceedings of the Attorney-General’s Office stated there is no such form of corruption in the island.

When sharing experiences in confronting corruption, Roberts Campbell recognized the occurrence of economic crimes associated with the provision of services, or the diversion of goods from the trade flow, although this has nothing to do with the State in particular.

He added the heads of the State bodies are not account holders, owners or shareholders in large companies, and insisted that the risk is in the control of economic activity.