Havana, Cuba.- International collaboration is one of the most defended points by Cuba to fight narcotics, the secretary of the National Drug Commission (CND), Antonio Israel Ybarra explained today in this capital.

In such sense, the Caribbean country has agreements with 46 countries and over 50 agencies to confront drugs, Ybarra pointed out at a meeting with journalists.

In addition, he said, Cuba is a State Party and signatory of the three fundamental conventions on drugs initialed in 1961, 1971 and 1988.

According to the expert, Cuba maintains a smooth communication with the UN Office on Drugs and Crime, considering collaboration to be very important to face this global phenomenon.

Making reference to the relations with the United States on this issue, Ybarra said that ‘they are normalizing’ after the scenario generated by the arrival of Donald Trump as President, and the resurgence of his policy towards the island.

The contacts were stopped but the collaboration continued, he elaborated further details.

In this regard, he explained that in the last 10 years, Cuba contributed to the United States information on over 500 facts, which allowed the northern country to occupy more than 40 tons of drugs.

The CND directs the National Strategy for the Prevention of Drug Abuse and Control on the island and is made up of several agencies, including the Ministries of Justice, Health and the Interior, and the National Customs of the Republic of Cuba.