taller farmaceuticoHavana, Cuba.-The 9th International Workshop On Aseptic Processing in the Pharmaceutical Industry will open here next Monday, with the attendance of experts from 8 countries of the Americas and Europe, organizers announced.

Researchers from Mexico, Argentina, Spain, Italy, France, Germany, US and Cuba will take part in the event, which will spread until April 28th.

The workshop is called Proceasep 2017, sponsored by the National Biologicals Center (Biocen), leader in manufacturing bio-products like for instance, Trofin, a tonic syrup and anti-anemia medication of natural origin, made up of bovine blood, honey bee and propolis.

One of the gathering’s main objectives is to open an exchange among experts on the last trends in production and regulations.

It also constitutes a way for the implementation of the last requisites of good pharmaceutical practices in the production lines.

Design and construction of clean areas, environmental monitoring, hygiene and cleansing, as well as new tendencies of aseptic processing and systems in barrier will also be subjects of discussion.

Others are cultivation means, disposable materials for the formulation processes, vaccines and other biological preparations.