Guantanamo, Cuba.- A donation sent by the People”s Republic of China will help strengthen the food chain in this province, today announced official sources of the Ministry of Agriculture.

At least 43 tractors, backhoes and seeders, and other machinery with their accessories, for the cultivation of the land; means of transport that includes two dredge trucks, equal number of vans and four engines, are part of the cargo sent to the easternmost of the Cuban provinces.

All this machinery will benefit productive programs in the municipalities of Guantanamo, El Salvador, Niceto Perez and San Antonio del Sur, as well as the agribusiness company of Imias, and the grain industry of the province, according to Rider Porben, specialist of irrigation in the agriculture delegation.

The load includes, in addition, irrigation systems for 1,600 hectares dedicated mainly to the production of plantain in the Yateritas, Jamaica-San Carlos, Chutines, Imias microjet and the ring around Guantanamo city.

The delivery of these materials and implements and their implementation will make it possible to humanize agricultural work and will result in greater agriculture yields, which will increase food production for the inhabitants of this region.