Havana, Cuba.- Experts presented the Strategy for people with dementia and Alzheimer´s care in Cuba and insisted on the importance of passing knowlegde to caregivers, in a meeting with president Miguel Diaz-Canel.

The initiative involved Cuban scientific and medical institutions, aimed at updating the policy in this regard approved in 2013.

According to a Cuban TV report, among the main actions for the strategy include improving the treatment quality, training medical staff, working with decision-makers, reducing the stigmas associated with the disease and promoting research regarding it.

Participants remarked the need to provide skills to the people responsible for caring for those affected by these chronic diseases and in this sense, aknowledged the role of the Comprehensive Care Center for Alzheimer patients and other cognitive disorders, inaugurated in 2019.

The meeting at the capital´s Revolution Palace, also provided deatails on the clinical trials to demostrate the efficiency and safety of NeuroEPO, Cuba´s drug to counteract mild and moderate Alzheimer´s disease.

These diseases are nowadays, the leading cause of disability, dependence and care need, the report pointed out.