Havana, Cuba.-Since 1990, Cuba treated 26 thousand 114 victims of the nuclear accident of Chernobyl, Ukraine, mainly in the areas of endocrinology, gastroenterology and dermatology, according to a study published today in the scientific network Scielo.

The report confirmed that of total patients, 84 percent were mostly children from Ukraine, Russia and Belarus.

According to that source, the year where most cases were treated was 1991, when one thousand 415 persons were attended.

During the first five years of the program, over one thousand children annually received medical attention, added the text.

Of the 21 thousand 874 children received, those of major incidence were in the ages of 10-14, which accounted for 57 percent of the cases with 12 thousand 480.

The program of integral medical attention, massive and free of charge developed by Cuba ended in 2011, after extending for over 21 years as a solidarious response by the Caribbean island to petitions of social organizations of the former Soviet Union, highlighted the network.

Its main objective was to provide specialized services and develop in an adequate environment, a healing plan of rehabilitation, with integral health actions. The main venue of the project was a children’s camp located in the beach of Tarara, east of the Cuban capital.

Such facility with houses that lodged the children and those accompanying them, had two hospitals, a stomatological clinic, an ambulance parking, a cooking center, a theater, schools, parks and recreation areas, among them two kilometers of beach and other facilities.

In parallel, between 1998 and 2011worked in the city of Evpatoria, Crimea province, a Cuban medical brigade treated approximately six thousand persons each year, highlighted the study.