Havana, Cuba.- The Cuban Ministry of Public Health (MINSAP) has confirmed the fourth case of the new coronavirus in the country, a citizen from Villa Clara province, 300 kilometers east of Havana.

The National Reference Center at the Pedro Kouri Institute of Tropical Medicine (IPK) informed on Thursday about the new positive patient infected with SARS-CoV-2, according to an official note read on Cuban TV prime news hour.

‘This patient is a Cuban resident in Santa Clara, Villa Clara province, husband of a Bolivian citizen living in Milan, in Italy’s Lombardy region, who entered the country on February 24 apparently asymptomatic,’ the IPK reported.

The text states that the Bolivian patient began developing mild respiratory symptoms on February 27.

The following day, her husband began with respiratory symptoms and both went to the Villa Clara hospital and later to the IPK, in Havana.

‘The Cuban citizen was tested positive for the new coronavirus, while his wife tested negative, given the 15-day evolution of the disease from the first symptoms,’ the institute informed.

The two patients did not present risk to their lives and are favorably improving, the document noted.

Likewise, the note reports that the three Italian tourists confirmed with COVID-19 on Wednesday evolve satisfactorily under strict medical supervision.

‘We recognize the immediate action of the driver of the car and the tour operator (of the visitors), both belonging to the Ministry of Tourism, as well as the owners of the Trinidad cheap hotel where they stayed, who encouraged the rapid assistance to the health services,’ the document said.

The MINSAP note reiterates the need to promptly inform the health authorities if any person begins developing respiratory symptoms.