Havana, Cuba.- Four decades after the premiere of “La Diva. Maria Callas in Memoriam,” the National Ballet of Cuba (BNC) is on Sunday recalling recall the iconic performance of Alicia Alonso, whose performance marked international dance.

With this choreography, which was first staged on October 29, the prima ballerina assoluta paid tribute to opera singer Maria Callas, one of the most famous figures in the history of that art, while demonstrating her undisputed mastery and talent, according to a press release from the BNC.

Within the framework of the 27th Alicia Alonso Havana International Ballet Festival, Cuban ballet dancers evoked that moment when Alberto Mendez’s choreography, with music by Felix Guerrero, created by famous opera themes, and designs by Salvador Fernandez, went down into history.

In this regard, the lobby of the Teatro Nacional de Cuba’s Avellaneda Hall hosts a photo exhibition illustrating moments of that performance by the outstanding Cuban dancer in La Diva.

At the same time, the book “Alicia Alonso. La Diva. Maria Callas in Memoriam”, authored by Pedro Simon, was published in Spain.

According to the cultural institution, after the premiere at the Grand Theater of Havana, the BNC staged it accompanied by the orchestra conducted by Guerrero and the National Lyric Theater’s Choir, conducted by Corina Campos.

During these 40 years, the piece has been part of the catalog of theater performances in the Americas and Europe, while experts from the United Kingdom, France, Italy, the United States, Russia, Argentina, Chile, Mexico, and other countries praised the performances.