Havana, Cuba.- As part of the activities to mark the centenary of Cuban musician Benny More, the Mecenas publishing house in Cienfuegos has launched the volume ”Te quedaras” (”You”ll Stay: Narrative Selection”) in tribute to the legendary artist.

The book, compiled by Dulce Maria Sotolongo and Felix Garcia, is composed of stories and fragments of novels by notable Cuban intellectuals such as Roberto Fernandez Retamar, Bobby Carcasses, Nieves Cardenas Lopez, Jorge Luis Garces, among others.

According to the authors, the book reflects the respect and admiration of Cubans for ‘Barbaro del Ritmo’ (Barbarian of Rhythm) as More was nicknamed and is a gift for readers all over the world who admire his work.

‘Here is the Benny boy, the same who came to Havana in search of fortune, the Benny (…) in his beloved Ali Bar and at home, with his family. Here there is only one narrator with the voice of a people who proudly says: You will stay!’ reads the prologue.

Alicia Martinez Lecuna edited the volume, while Reynaldo Duret Santana and Milton Bernal Castro designed and illustrated the cover.

To conclude the activities for the 100th anniversary of his birth, on August 23rd the cultural event ‘Waiting for the Centenary’ is scheduled to be held in his birthplace of Santa Isabel de las Lajas, where artists from the town and guests will gather.